Carole Sher

Firepearl Therapeutic Services and Consultancy owner Carole Sher offers therapeutic and specialised health education, treatment and creative development. For over 35 years, Carole has provided a highly skilled, multi-modality healing and teaching practise spanning 3 continents.

Drawing on her intuitive, meditative, sensitive qualities coupled with her background in natural sciences, Carole Sher weaves profound, individually-crafted programs for private and group clientele. This enables masterful self-resourcing, awareness attunement and optimal personal performance throughout all of life’s activities.

People from many walks of life consult Carole through her online and clinic-based consultancy, classes, courses, business on-site visits, workshops and programs. Carole’s gift at “going to the spot” provides rapid recoveries and a deepening of personal expression. Her ongoing preventative and maintainance programs ensure lifelong development in self-care. All ages and abilities are welcome to attend.

Carole Sher has been a member of the oldest Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (UK) for 23 years, and a member of the Canadian Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique for 3 years. She is a Senior Practitioner Member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners, Healer/Counsellor Division which is administered by the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine. For over 40 years she has been a member of international meditation groups including the Arcane School and World Goodwill.


• The F.M. Alexander Technique
• Colour Therapeutics
• Healing, Light, Subtle Energies
• Breathing Movement Styles
• Creative Design & Well-Being Consultancy
• Inspirational Coaching